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The Dickens Walk

Charles Dickens 1850

About the Walk

Celebrating nearly 175 years since Charles Dickens’ visit to Bonchurch, walk leader Sue will share her most recent discoveries about the holiday during 1849.


Before visiting the Isle of Wight, Dickens suffered from writer’s block working on

David Copperfield.

We shall see the introduction of several important new characters during the visit staying at Winterbourne.

Many family friends joined the holiday, and you will discover the activities they revelled in.


The visit was influential on the future of the Undercliffe becoming a hub for artists and writers.


The walk is illustrated with photos and drawings and readings from the period to

bring to life to the holiday adventures.


The Walk

We meet at The Pond in Bonchurch Village Road at the bench and notice board near the top of Shore Road. We begin looking at ancient local maps and Sue talks about the history of the village and why Dickens came to stay in Bonchurch.

We stroll onto Winterbourne, the Dickens summer holiday home to hear of the many friends and of family activities. There are more discoveries as we progress uphill to visit the home Dickens' friend, the illustrator John Leech and his wife stayed during holiday taking a route uphill via one of the secret paths of Bonchurch.

The tour group returns downhill walking along The Pitts down the steep 101 steps.

We turn down Shore Road to the waterfront where Sue will describe more holiday activities and finish with Sue's interesting recent discovery marking the holiday.

Important. Please read the 'Walking Information' here 


I am looking forward to discussing your walk. Please get in touch by email.

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