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Walking Information

Walking Information


Meeting points, bus stops and car parking areas are marked on the map.

Both walks take nearly 3 hours at a relatively slow pace, with some long pauses in areas that can be very chilly even on a sunny day, so please be prepared. At these times you may be standing up to twenty minutes while Sue describes the location and stories about the residents and visitors.

There is very uneven ground in several locations and a few steep ascents. There is a steep descent down the 101 steps when we walk down in to the village. There is also some slippery paths and there is loose rubble in some areas. Good walking shoes are essential and walking poles recommended if required.

I recommend that you bring layers of clothing, a hat and a drink and maybe a picnic for the end of the walk.

The Bonchurch Inn or The Seapot are highly recommended for a drink and food (check their opening times on the links below) and there are public toilets at the sea front at the end of the walk.


- If the weather is fine, the seafront is excellent for a picnic and swimming.

- I am insured to take guided walks, however this does not cover general mishaps or typical countryside perils.

- I usually start the walks at either 10am or 2pm, timing can be discussed.

- The Meeting Points are either;


*"Dickens Walk"-  The top of Shore Road by the Pond in the Bonchurch Village Road.

Bus Route 3

Alight at Trinity Road and walk into the village along Bonchurch Village Road where you will see the pond, a five minute walk.

*"Bonchurch Discover Walk" - Walk down Bonchurch Shute to the first bend, there is a bench and notice board.

Bus route 3

Closest bus stop/s: 'Bonchurch Letter Box' at the top of Bonchurch Shute and walk down to the bend in the road for the "Bonchurch Discovery Walk", about 2 minutes.

- The walks are for over16 years of age and walkers should be able to walk easily and quickly around the steep and sometimes slippery areas of the village.

Dogs are not allowed on the walks.


There are usually parking places available as you approach Bonchurch from Ventnor. If there are no spaces, carry on driving past the pond and take the first right and park in the area by East Dene and The Turrets. Alternatively there is more free parking towards the top of Bonchurch Shute near the Bonchurch Inn.

There is paid parking in Shore Road, and a car park on Leeson Road.


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